Scent Detection

A dog being trained to scent detect

Bring out the best in your dog through the power of scent-work

Dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, far superior to ours. They can be trained to detect a huge array of odours, from narcotics and explosives, to cash and human illnesses, right the way through to endangered wildlife and plant species for conservation work. A dog’s sense of smell really is their super power!

All dogs have the ability to be trained to detect a specific odour, and your four legged friend is no different. For dog sports we train the dogs on odours such as Kong, catnip and gun oil. Scent-work is for every dog and the reason we love it so much! This is a sport that you can do just for fun, or if you have a competitive side you can take part in competitions and trials to put your skills to the test as a team.

Lucy is an instructor and assessor with UK Scent Sport, World Scent Dog Association, and Scent Work UK levels 1 to 4. Whilst each organisation has slightly different criteria for their competitions and trials, our aim with the training is to give you and your dog the best foundations to work from, enabling you to compete with any organisation if you wish to.


Training your dog in scent-work is a fantastic way to

Give them an outlet for their natural desire to hunt
Have fun with your dog in a way that’s intrinsically most rewarding to them
Improve their confidence by teaching them to problem solve using their primary sense of smell
Mentally stimulate and tire them out
Provide a physically low impact workout, perfect for young puppies or older dogs
A dog being trained to scent detect

Who is scent-work for?

Dog scent training in a hall
Any breed and age of dog, from newly vaccinated puppies up to golden oldies
Dogs who are nervous or reactive, to those just full of beans that need an outlet for their energy
Someone who is committed to learning more about their dog and wants to get involved in a fun, yet full of potential, dog sport

Scent Detection Beginners 8 week course
Wednesdays at 11am, Thursdays at 6pm

If you’re new to scent-work, our beginners course is the place to start. Dogs are either worked in pairs or on their own. With a maximum of four to a group, your dog will need to rest in your car at some point during the class as we rotate the dogs over to work in the hall. Scent-work is tiring and your dog will need regular breaks.

This 8 week course will take you through:

What is scent-work, odour, and how your dogs’ nose really works

Building motivation to search
Finding the right reward
Conditioning your dog to the Kong and catnip odour
Training the passive and active indication
Handling and reward strategy
You’ll receive a Welcome Pack with all the information you need, and a starter kit to get you going
The course takes place at Wootton Rivers Village Hall, SN8 4NH


Ready to book?

If you are interested in our services but are not quite sure if we are the right fit for you and your dog or need something a little more unique, please do get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you and try to fulfil your needs.