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A scent-work sport for all abilities

There’s nothing quite like getting out in the wild to build a bond with your canine companion. Mantrailing is a scent-work sport that offers a brilliant way to have fun with your dog and build a great sense of unity and achievement together as a team.

Our Mantrailing workshops and training sessions introduce you to this sport, guiding you through the game of finding a specific missing person using your dogs amazing sense of smell. And the great news is, our tailored sessions cater to all abilities and are suitable for any dog, of any age or breed, whether they’re reactive, nervous, or just full of beans!

Using your dog’s most powerful sense (their sense of smell), this addictive pet dog sport gives your dog an outlet for all their energy, and you’ll both have a great time in the process.

Taught by qualified Mantrailing Global instructors Lucy Ward and Kylie Quattrucci, we offer Introduction Workshops and training sessions across Wiltshire.

Lucy is also a Mantrailing Global assessor, qualified to run all levels of assessments for her own clients, and can be hosted by other instructors for assessment sessions.

Mantrailing in Marlborough, Pewsey, Hungerford, Swindon, Devizes, Calne, Upavon, Tidworth, Market Lavington, Chippenham, Melksham, Trowbridge, Warminster and Amesbury.

Starting with a Workshop – £65

Your journey into Mantrailing starts with an Introduction Workshop, spanning three hours you and your dog will embark (one pair at a time) on three separate scent trails, each gradually increasing in length and difficulty.

Throughout the introductory session you and your dog will learn:

  • What the game of Mantrailing is all about
  • The starting rituals and set up
  • How to help your dog through the trails
  • How to progress your dog

Please note, in order to attend a workshop or training session you will need a harness for your dog and a long line (8-10m).

Please also be aware that your dog will need to rest in your car between each trail whilst you hide for another team. If your dog is not happy being on their own, please bring someone along to sit with them.

Sniffing out your nearest Session

Whether you want to teach your dog a new skill, give them an outlet for their boundless energy, or you simply want to spend a little quality time with your four-legged friend and some like-minded dog people, Mantrailing is the sport for you.

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How it works

Essentially one big game of hide-and-seek for your dog, our inclusive workshops and sessions offer low-impact, highly addictive exercise.

All humans have a unique smell made up of sweat, skin rafts and hormones. Using your dog’s amazingly powerful nose, and your unique aroma, Mantrailing teaches your dog to identify the unique smell using a scent article and follow the trail to earn their reward.

Once you and your dog have completed the Introduction Workshop, you can sign up for regular training sessions which take place across several locations in Wiltshire.

If you want your pooch to become a Grade A Mantrailing student, you can work towards Mantrailing levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, giving you and your dog a nose-to-the-ground sense of focus and achievement.

Or you can simply enjoy dipping into training sessions as and when you like, taking things at your own pace.

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Come and discover your dog’s superpower: their sense of smell. Whether your dog is reactive, fearful, or fearless, all are welcome to join in the fun that is Mantrailing!

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