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Mantrailing is a big game of hide and seek that any dog of any breed or age can come and play! In this low impact and highly addictive sport, dogs are worked one at a time to find a specific missing person in the group.

We all have a unique scent that is made up of skin rafts, sweat, bacteria and hormones. In Mantrailing, the person laying the trail will leave behind a scent article, something that holds their unique smell. We then teach your dog to follow the trail leading to the source of the scent to earn their reward.

Through regular training sessions you can progress your dog onto longer and more challenging trails in different locations.

Introduction Workshop

Towpath Tails Dog Park, Wootton Rivers, SN8 4NQ

For those new to Mantrailing

All available Introduction Workshop dates can be found in the booking section below. If you’d like to know about future workshop dates please email us.

Training Sessions

Single session £20 per dog and handler

For those who have completed an introduction workshop with us, or any other Mantrailing UK instructor.

These are mixed ability sessions where each dog is catered for, held at various locations around Wiltshire. See booking information below for locations.

All Introduction Workshops and Training Sessions can be booked below.

In order to attend a workshop or training session you will need a harness for your dog and a long line (8-10m).

Please be aware that your dog will need to rest in your car between each trail whilst you hide for another team. If your dog is not happy being on their own, please bring someone along to sit with them.

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Introduction Workshops
Training Sessions

Lucy offers dog training, puppy services and mantrailing in:

Marlborough, Pewsey, Hungerford, Swindon, Devizes, Calne, Upavon & Tidworth

1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 training is perfect for anyone wanting personalised help to work through any aspect of training with a dedicated plan. 

Training Walks

Walk Talk & Train sessions are a great way for you and your dog to get support and learn in a friendly and relaxed group environment.

1-2-1 Puppy Training

1:1 training for new puppy owners, supporting you through those precious first few weeks and beyond. Helping with all aspects of training both in your home and outside.


Do more with your dog and come and join in the fun that is Mantrailing! Teach your dog, be they reactive, fearful or fearless, to find a specific person using their incredible superpower sense of smell!

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If you are interested in our services but are not quite sure if we are the right fit for you and your dog or need something a little more unique, please do get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you and try to fulfil your needs.