Ethical, rewards-based dog training

Ethical, rewards-based dog training

Positive, practical training for your dog or puppy

We all love our dogs dearly. But sometimes, making sure that your canine companion is a well-mannered member of the family takes a little time and extra attention.

Enter Lucy!

Lucy Ward Dog Training specialises in scent work and life skills training for puppies up to adult dogs.

Whether you’re looking for an engaging and fun activity in scent work and mantrailing, personalised 1-2-1 support for your new puppy, or group classes to build focus around distractions, Lucy’s bespoke services have you covered.

We work with dogs of all ages and breeds, training both in-person and online.

With our rewards-based dog training programmes in Marlborough, Pewsey, Devizes, Hungerford, and surrounding areas, we work with you, and your dog to understand your challenges and find effective, long-term solutions.

Why Lucy?

Lucy takes pride in being a reward-based trainer. She focuses exclusively on ethical dog training methods that are fun for your dog whilst giving you the skills and confidence to set them up for success.

Using motivational techniques that include food and toys as positive reinforcement, Lucy specialises in practical, effective training that is backed by science and evidence.

Why Lucy?

Reliable, qualified support for you and your dog

Compassionate, ethical training techniques

A great track record of success

A genuine passion for dogs


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Based on 54 reviews
Mick H
Mick H
Lucy provided some one-one sessions in our home for our dog - a lively 2 year-old Golden Retriever. This built our confidence as dog owners and gave us the confidence to then sign up for her six-week Adolescent Dog course with five other dogs. Lucy really knows her stuff and is very patient and great to work with. We learnt some great techniques that are really helping our dog. She is now far calmer on walks with less pulling; she’s quieter when people come to our house; etc. The techniques Lucy taught us are really helping us to manage situations and communicate with our dog so she understands what we want her to do. I am sure we will join future classes to help us progress.
Rebecca Pritchard
Rebecca Pritchard
Had a brilliant afternoon on an intro to man trailing with Lucy. The location and the set up was perfect, really well run day and Lucy was very accommodating to my dog who can be a bit worried about men. We loved it and will be coming back :)
Fantastic intro session into Mantrailing. A game of hide and seek with a hint of smell the stinky sock (Sasha not me!). Not sure who was more into it Sasha or I. It was great to let Sasha use her nose, find the human and enjoy her tuggy toy as reward. I’ve tried lots of different sessions trying to find an activity that channels her enthusiasm and this was probably the most engaged from the start she has been. We’ll definitely be doing more sessions and as a plus resulted in a very sleepy dog for most of the afternoon.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan
I am extremely grateful to Lucy for her kind, calm and fun training sessions with my adolescent golden retriever. All dogs and owners for that matter learn at different speeds and have different skills. She has helped me understand this and has explained how dogs think and react the way they do which then gives you tools and understanding for future difficulties. I have trained with her in both adolescent classes and started my mantrailing journey with my high energy dog. He has loved all the sessions. I can highly recommend Lucy Ward for anyone with those puppy and even adult dog struggles.
Jo Banks
Jo Banks
Have been trailing with Lucy for a couple of years now and have learnt so much. She is knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and kind. We always look forward to our sessions and know that it's going to be not only a fun day out but one where we'll learn lots too. An added bonus is that I've built a stronger relationship with Figgy and have learned to read him better as well. Thanks 😊
Mary Gillmore
Mary Gillmore
Genuine review: Lucy has trained ME how to behave with my dog, I feel that we are a better team for her professional, patient and kind input.
Lucy Quinton
Lucy Quinton
Had a great afternoon with my dog at a Mantrailing intro workshop led by Lucy. Great tutor, very knowledgable, enthusiastic and personable and well really organised. Didn’t matter at all that we were all novices, she tailored eh session to the ability of the handler. The group was small and friendly too. Would definitely recommend.
Simone d'Oelsnitz
Simone d'Oelsnitz
After having finished Lucy's Adolescent Dog Class with Enzo, my White Swiss Shepherd, we just had our Introduction Mantrailing session and I can't recommend the classes and Lucy highly enough. The sessions are very well planned-out and just the right number of people/dogs. Lucy is very patient and always happy to share her knowledge. Lucy Ward Dog Training is very professionally run!!! You can't go wrong.
Simon Stephens
Simon Stephens
Lucy is an excellent trainer. Not too many people at a time, sessions well set up and good follow up after sessions. A very professional operation!

Lucy offers dog training, puppy services and mantrailing in:

Marlborough, Pewsey, Hungerford, Swindon, Devizes, Calne, Upavon & Tidworth


Happy Clients!

“I completed a ‘Puppy Package’ with Lucy when I got my new Cocker Spaniel – and have learnt so much from her and enjoyed it so much that I will be continuing to train with her to learn even more!

Even if you have had dogs for a while (my family has had dogs of various breeds for 12 years) do not underestimate the value of working with a professional trainer!

Lucy has changed what I knew (or what I thought I knew) about dog training – enabling me to have an amazing relationship with my puppy.

I have had many comments on how well behaved he is (not a small feat with a cocker spaniel!) She helps with any query you may have and offers clear and easy to follow guidance.

Highly recommended.”

1-2-1 Dog Training

1-2-1 training is perfect for anyone wanting personalised help to work through any aspect of training with a dedicated plan. 

Puppy Classes

If you’re keen to get you and your puppy started with the foundations of their training, come and join us to learn the basics in a friendly, stress-free group environment.

1-2-1 Puppy Training

1-2-1 puppy training supports you and your new pup through those precious first few weeks and beyond. Helping with all aspects of training both in your home and outside.


Come and discover your dog’s superpower: their sense of smell. Whether your dog is reactive, fearful, or fearless, all are welcome to join in the fun that is Mantrailing!

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