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Group dog training classes for adolescents to adult dogs

Focusing on building solid training foundations in an outdoor environment, with controlled exposure to other dogs, group classes enable you to strengthen the connection with your dog whilst they work around many distractions.

Our group classes, tailored specifically for adolescent to adult dogs allow you to build confidence in your dog and their abilities and give you the skills to guide you both through. From foundations to advanced skills, we have you covered.

When your sweet little puppy reaches adolescence, it can be challenging. That’s because your pup’s body and brain are rapidly changing at this stage in their development and they begin to have different priorities.

Namely, you’ll notice they might have become more than a little mischievous, perhaps struggle to focus in busy areas, and maybe just aren’t listening to you anymore!

To retain the bond between you and your dog, and overcome some of the frustrations of adolescent behaviour, foundation training is crucial at this stage – both for you and your dog’s success.

With small group sizes, we’ll ensure you receive individual support and coaching in each class, with expert guidance from your qualified instructor.

All the training is adaptable, so if you’re struggling in one area but excelling in another, we can adjust the difficulty accordingly.



Happy Clients!

“Absolutely amazing, would give more stars if I could!

Lucy is an amazing teacher, patient, friendly, understanding, fully qualified and with a wealth of knowledge on dog training and behaviour.

As well as that her classes are good fun for humans and dogs!

Highly recommended!”

“Highly recommend Lucy Ward.

We have just completed her adolescent training sessions which were informative & fun, both myself & Mae throughly enjoyed our Friday mornings with Lucy!”

We offer Foundation and Progression level group classes

The Foundation Course


Tuesdays at 2 pm, Wednesdays at 6pm

Our foundation course is perfect for those who have completed a puppy course or missed out on puppy training altogether, young adolescent dogs and those who simply want to brush up on the foundations with their adult dog.

The weekly classes, lasting 45 minutes, sees you and your dog working outside in a controlled environment. It’s also a great way to return to training if it’s been a while since you or your dog were in a group class setting.

The course consists of the following: 

An eight week foundation training course

Up to six dogs per class to optimise individual support

Engaging training programme with a range of different topics covered including:

  • Loose lead walking
  • Play and connection
  • Focus and engagement
  • Recall
Suitable for dogs from five months old and upwards
Welcome pack, certificate and goodie bag on completion


Our group training classes take place at
Towpath Tails Dog Park, Wootton Rivers, SN8 4NQ

Upon completion of the course, you have the opportunity to graduate onto more advanced training and join our Progression Club.


The Progression Dog Training Club

Tuesdays at 3 pm, or Wednesdays at 5pm

Join the Progression Dog Training Club to hone your skills, maintain your training and continue to build your dog’s skills when working around others.

The Progression Club is suitable for dogs of any age who have completed our foundation course, or equivalent.

The progression programme consists of the following:

A four week training course that you can keep coming back to as your skills progress

Up to six dogs per class to optimise individual support

Engaging training programme will be adapted to the group as a whole with a range of different topics covered including, but not limited to the following:

  • Lead walking
  • Play and engagement
  • Focus and engagement
  • Recall around distractions
  • Troubleshooting specific adolescent behaviours
  • Improving social skills
  • Impulse control
Suitable for dogs of any age that have completed our foundation course, or equivalent


Our group training classes take place at
Towpath Tails Dog Park, Wootton Rivers, SN8 4NQ



Happy Clients!

“Lucy has been amazing with our Golden retriever puppy and has given us lots of help and advice.
She has tailored activities within the group sessions to suit our individual puppy. Lucy has a very kind and calming manner and always uses positive reward based methods concentrating on building a lovely bond between you and your dog.

We would recommend Lucy to all puppy/dog parents and we hope to participate in some more training soon.”

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